French researchers give a mini-course at Universidad de Chile

Jean-­Raynald de Dreuzy, research scientist of GeoSciences Rennes, U. Rennes I/CNRS, and Alain Rapaport, director of MODEMIC team of INRIA France, gave a mini-course titled "Modeling and analyze of underground transfers" on May 4 and 5 at Center for Mathematical Modeling of Universidad de Chile. The course consisted in two lectures, "Water and contaminant underground transfers: a catchment as reactor approach", by Jean-­Raynald de Dreuzy and "Network of interconnected tanks: an input-output approach", by Alain Rapaport.

In the first lecture Prof. Dreuzy has modeled the transfer of water and contaminants underground via compartment models, and showed that this type of model gives similar results than the classical physical model used (mainly based on PDEs). In the second lecture Prof. Rapaport justified mathematically the simplifications shown in the first model. This last lecture in particular covered some topics developed in the Ph.D. thesis of Alejandro Rojas, member of BIONATURE. An interesting conclusion from this course is the fact that the mathematical methods used to clean water through biorreactors (that are studied in the context of BIONATURE's research) also allow controlling the contaminants of underground water.

The course were organized by Prof. Héctor Ramírez, director of BIONATURE project-team.