BIONATURE meets with INRIA president at PUCV

The meeting was held at PUCV in Valparaiso, Chile, where INRIA president François Sillion met with some members of BIONATURE (Gonzalo Ruiz (PUCV) and Pedro Gajardo (USM)), NETWORK DESIGN (Reinaldo Vallejos (USM) and Marta Barria (UV)), RENEWABLE ENERGY (Soledad Torres (UV), Lisandro Femrin (UV) and Cristian Pérez (INRIA)) and CRISIS MANAGEMENT (Xavier Bonnaire (USM) María Cristina Riff (USM) and Wenceslao Palma (PUCV)). After a welcome, followed presentations by each of these applied research teams. After that, they had coffee and a lunch with François Sillion