Third French-Chilean Workshop on Bioprocess Modeling

During March 27th to 29th, the Third French-Chilean Workshop on Bioprocess Modeling was held successfully at Federico Santa Maria University, Valparaiso. The event gathered INRIA-INRA researchers Alain Rapaport, Jérome Hârmand, Jean Philippe Steyer, Olivier Bernard, Francis Mairet and Antoine Rousseau, some of the most important researchers on wastewater treatment, biogas production and microalgal growth, to give four theoretical-practical courses for a class of more than 40 undergraduate/postgraduate students and researchers on applied-to-engineering sciences. A survey was conducted between the attendees, obtaining very satisfactory feedback: the most appreciated aspects were the quality of the theoretical and practical courses, the relevance given to real applications of mathematical modeling and the overall organization of the event. The workshop’s objective is to generate interest on the research of the aforementioned fields and to give a real notion of the several applications that bioprocess modeling has on the industry.